Reinventing Life Science Entrepreneurship in London

BURST is an innovative incubation program for high-potential medical technology startups and scale-ups that will position London as a focal point for life science innovation.

Each of BURST’s cohorts includes ten companies, primarily from the life science, medical device and health information technology fields. Each 12-month cohort focuses on four main pillars: market validation, company structure, IP, and investor readiness.

Cohort #1

April 1, 2017 –
March 31, 2018

Cohort #2

August 1, 2017 –
July 31, 2018

Cohort #3

December 1, 2017 –
November 30, 2018

Cohort #4

March 11, 2019 –
February 28, 2020

Each participating company receives $30,000 in funding, plus $10,000 for professional development provided by TechAlliance. Approved life science companies also receive $30,000 from the London Medical Network, for a total of $70,000.

To qualify for London Medical Network funding, BURST participants are obligated to maintain a presence in London for a minimum of 24 months after the conclusion of their cohort.

BURST Program Structure


Prospective companies will complete an online application form outlining their technologies and proposed use of funds that will be reviewed and accepted by a panel of experts.

Space & Programming

Each company will be provided shared workshop and a common area for programming and cohort-specific learning activities.


Each company will work closely with experts in market research, corporate structure and IP to determine gaps in their company or technology.


Each company will work with a mentor to finalzie their plans, then meet on a bi-weekly basis to monitor progress and receive guidance.


Each cohort will conclude with a Demo Day, showcasing their technologies to investors and industry representatives.

BURST Cohort #1 Companies

Aufero Medical Technologies have developed a device for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia. The device will maintain contact force at a specified level during the procedure, reducing arrhythmia recurrence and repeat surgery.

CryoCaddy has developed an innovative device and technique for frozen section embedding, a common procedure used in pathology labs. The system will improve patient care by providing labs with unprecedented efficiencies and time savings.

Designer Microbes creates custom microbial strains, which will have applications across a variety of industries, including enabling the production of medicines, DNA storage technologies, food, and next-generation fuels.

Digital Medical Experts have developed a technology that uses conventional EEG data to help physicians effectively diagnose and treat patients with major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Epineuron Technologies have developed a peripheral nerve care technology using innovative electrical stimulation. Their device can be used during surgery to locate, identify, and stimulate the injured nerve.

Front Line Medical Technologies have created an all-in-one device for temporary control of excessive bleeding in emergency medical situations. This device will control truncal hemorrhaging until the patient can receive appropriate, life-saving surgical care.

Parallax Innovations have developed hardware and software to increase the functionality of existing CT imaging machines.

Spectral Devices creates multispectral cameras using patent-pending technology for biomedical research, farming, factory automation, and aerospace. These compact and cost-effective devices can be used to detect human disease, improve crop yield, ensure product quality and manage the earth’s resources.

TopSpin360 have created a patented training device that helps prevent concussion risk by improving neck strength and function. Strengthening the neck reduces the whiplash effect of a blow to the body, which is a leading cause of concussions, not just a direct impact to the head.

Triage is an app powered by artificial intelligence that can instantly diagnose skin disorders with beyond dermatologist-level accuracy.

BURST Cohort #2 Companies

DS Surgical Research will provide surgical instruments to realign fractured bones for internal fixation in orthopedic trauma surgery.

Fans in Training is an innovative evidence-based healthy lifestyle program that appeals to fans of their local team who gain health education and a personalized physical activity and healthy eating program.

Formi 3DP Inc. is a leader in functional 3D printing resins and 3D printing technology development. Formi’s proprietary i3DP resin system enables new material functions such as metallization, biocompatability, antimicrobial, and magnetism to 3D printed objects.

Precision Orthotic Laboratories manufactures custom orthotics and distribute orthopedic footwear, compression socks, custom knee braces, over the counter bracing and over-the-counter orthotics.

Ideas Un Limited is a small, design-centric company focused on the consumer electronics and computer peripheral market. Motus is one such device, allowing users to control computer functions with hand gestures in 3D space.

LLBT manufactures artificial tissue models that have the most realistic feel, texture and tissue-like properties, superior to silicone, and are used for medical and surgical training purposes.

MDDT Inc. (Movement Disorders Diagnostic Technologies) specializes in the field of neurology to target the two largest movement disorder populations, those suffering from tremor and those with dystonia (muscle cramps).

Myodetox is a unique manual therapy system designed for proactive and reactive care of the body, designed through incorporating knowledge and techniques from multiple disciplines, uniting concepts that have never been brought together before.

Sansys Inc. is a SaaS application services provider developing their EMMA platform, a unique solution combining engineering drawings, database and a web interface that enables healthcare facility management staff to manage change and minimize risk.

Smart RS Inc. is a company focused on the advancement of respiratory care through innovation. It is an intellectual respiratory think company creating innovative products that have clinical benefit.

BURST Cohort #3 Companies

AHead Simulations is a technology company focused on improving the quality of hearing healthcare through advanced training simulators.

A-Line Orthopaedics is a med-tech start-up located in London, Ontario developing new innovative products for applications in minimally-invasive orthopaedic surgery. Their mission is to work with clinicians and researchers to identify and commercialize differentiated technologies, which substantially improve patient outcomes and surgeon confidence through faster, safer and lower cost procedures.

Archetype Medical’s primary goal is to become a world leader in next-generation cardiac simulators for medical research and surgical training. Their first commercial product was the “LV Plus” heart valve simulator.

CellAdore Skin Health Inc.’s mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute premium products to consumers to enhance and maintain their skin health. Their vision is to be the trusted brand for skin health products developed based on rigorous scientific evidence.

ClearVoxel is creating a new medical image viewer to improve radiologist workflow when viewing and annotating medical images, including the use of ergonomically designed input controls to reduce physical stress.

Glyco Polymers Inc. is creating new oral-dosage technologies that will allow drugs to be delivered to specific locations in the gastro-intestinal tract.

HotSpot Medical is a London, ON based start-up specializing in innovation and design of devices used in aortic endovascular procedures.

IPAC ForeFront, a subsidiary of IPAC Consulting, is a SAAS platform that delivers assessment and change management tools for infection prevention and control regulations. This platform helps our clients achieve and maintain excellence in infection control standards.

Solofuse Spine is a spinal implant company based out of London Ontario, with the agenda to commercialize a novel minimally invasive lumbar fusion device for treatment of degenerative lumbar spine disorder, the most common form of spinal surgery. This device has the potential to change the way lumbar fusion surgery is performed globally.

Supports Health is a digital behavioral health company that is creating a digital platform to support the caregivers of loved ones with mental health problems, to minimize stress on the caregiver, while optimizing the effective care they can deliver to their loved ones in need.

BURST Cohort #4 Companies

123Genetix is a social enterprise for-profit company that develops validated computer simulations of human stem cells for modelling rare diseases and biomarker identification.

DQE Instruments designs, manufactures, and markets a new scientific instrument useful to manufacturers of medical x-ray imaging systems.

Gravity Medical develops innovative preventative solutions to treat musculoskeletal injuries and maximize the amount of time surgeons spend in the operating room.

IdealFit has developed customizable antibiotic cement spacer molds to decrease infection risk in joint replacement surgery patients.

Mikutech is a software development company specializing in games and gamified educational solutions that help train the next generation of medical students in comprehensive, technically advanced medical skills.

Motif is a cannabis and hemp extraction, refining, and technology company, focusing on monetizing material that cannabis and hemp cultivators consider “waste” such as trimmings, fan leaves, and lower grade bud and shake.

NERv is developing an intracutaneous sensor for the detection of gastrointestinal leaks after surgical procedures.

ONPoint Medical is a medical device company focused on developing products to improve diagnostics and treatment outcomes in physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics.

PolyAnalytik develops and manufactures prepacked chromatography columns for bioprocessing applications.

Tune-Out Medical aims to help ophthalmologists and patients undergoing eye surgery by providing a way to mask, or ‘tune-out’, ocular sensation in order to prevent disruptive reflexive movements that can lead to surgical complications and cancellations.

Funding Partners


Bloom Burton
Brunet & Co.
Fanshawe College
IBM Canada
Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation
Lawson Health Research Institute
Magnus Associates
Propel Entrepreneurship
Robarts Research Institute
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
SWO Angels
The Revenue U
Western Research Parks
Western University