TechAlliance is an organization built upon a foundation of trust between its employees, members, start up clients and partners (henceforth referred to as the TechAlliance community).

The TechAlliance network is strong because its community shares a set of common values such as integrity, respect and accountability. The continuing strength and value of this network hinges on the trustworthiness of its community. Community members who behave unethically put the reputation of the entire network at risk.

Some examples of ethical behavior we expect from the community are:

  • Treating the TechAlliance community with fairness and respect.
  • Not using misleading, illegal or dishonest sales tactics (need to have data to back up claims).
  • Being open and honest with the TechAlliance community, including investors.
  • Keeping off-the-record or confidential information (whether about TechAlliance itself or the community) private and secret.
  • Not behaving in a way that damages the reputation of his/her company or of TechAlliance.
  • Being honest in the TechAlliance membership registration and client intake form processes, as well as our partner application processes.
  • Working fairly with our Venture Growth & Corporate Innovation advisors and putting in a justified amount of time into your startup to complete tasks or application processes associated with TechAlliance.
  • Keeping your word, including honouring agreed upon financing terms.
  • Treating the money invested in your company with the utmost respect, to be used exclusively to further the goals of the company.
  • Generally behaving in an upstanding way.

To maintain the integrity of the TechAlliance network, if a community member behaves unethically, we reserve the right to cancel their TechAlliance membership and/or discontinue our advisory work. This includes access to all TechAlliance resources and programs/events. The unethical actions of a single person associated with a company may result in all those involved with said company being held responsible for damages, subject to the circumstances.

TechAlliance will support you throughout your growth process no matter how much your company struggles, as long as you behave ethically.

TechAlliance’s Code of Ethics is based upon Y Combinator’s Founder Ethics