This month, please join us for an interactive panel discussion on challenges in human resources during different stages of company growth. Join moderator Lise MacLean, Senior Partner with HRprimed, to hear from entrepreneurs currently in different growth stages. Panelists will share practical insights and best practices that have been established within their own companies and the impact those have had on their overall growth.

  • Key points that will be discussed are:
  • Challenges faced in finding and attracting talent
  • Challenges during rapid growth
  • Strategies used to determine the compensation and benefits package that motivate employees
  • Legal compliance


Mohammad Delevar, Founder & CEO
BIM Manager Eyes Enterprise (BIM MEE)

Abdullah Saab, COO & CFO

Davin Juusola, SVP Growth Divisions
Info-Tech Research Group

About the Moderator:

Lise McLean, Senior HR Consulting Partner and Workplace Investigator

A passionate continuous learner, Lise holds a BA from the University of Western Ontario, an MBA from the University of Ottawa, a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation, as well as certifications in workplace investigations and Prosci change management. She has 20 years of experience in the public, not-for-profit, and private sectors.

Lise rose through the ranks of the public service, beginning as a secretary and leaving as a director, where she oversaw strategic and HR operations for a large branch. She taught as a professor at the Telfer School of Management and served as HR Director for a global not-for-profit with staff in ten countries.

Lise established her own Ottawa-based HR consulting firm, Wiser Workplaces, in 2011. She provided exceptional on-demand HR services for organizations of all sizes. She developed HR strategies, supported organizational change, conducted investigations, implemented policies, compensation plans and HR systems. Very client-oriented, Lise switches seamlessly from practical “in the weeds” support to “big picture” strategic advice.

Lise relocated to Southwestern Ontario for family reasons and recognized a natural fit of her values and expertise to HRprimed. She proudly joined them as a consultant in July 2018.

Have you ever thought about expanding your small or medium business beyond our Canadian borders? Have you entertained the idea of importing or exporting? Did you try and give up? Or did you not try at all because it all seemed too complicated? If you think that international trade could help your business but you don’t know where to start, then this roundtable session is for you!

What You Will Learn

Learn more about the Canadian European Trade Agreement (CETA) and how you can use it to benefit YOUR business. Hear about recent updates to the agreement and Export Opportunities in Europe.

As part of this event, you will hear from Andree Cooligan, Director of the Free Trade Agreement Promotion Task Force of Global Affairs Canada and Canada’s Ambassador to Finland 2013-2018. You will also hear about local companies that have experienced success in the European market and explore case studies in the advanced manufacturing, digital creative and export services sectors.

What is Trade Ready Roundtable? 

Trade Ready Roundtable is an initiative to help small and medium sized businesses explore international trade opportunities and help them access the tools and  resources they need to conduct business in foreign markets.

This online course will follow Steve Blank’s methodology, introduce startups to Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, and focus on the testing process required to validate a business model. Online video calls (masterclasses) are highly interactive and activity-focused.

Outcomes for companies:

  • Understand the lean startup method and why the business model canvas is used
  • Complete multiple versions of your business model canvas based on expert and peer feedback
  • Conduct over 3 ongoing tests to validate your business model and identify areas that require pivoting
  • Analyze external and internal forces acting on your business
  • Implement analytics into your business model
  • Learn to pitch and tell the story of your business model

Register at: by Nov 12th

Requirements: Participants will be expected to have completed the “Value proposition” workshop series, the Customer Development course, or to have an established value proposition statement before attending this course.

Additional details: 

  • Course starts: November 12th
  • Registration ends: November 19th
  • Setup: 5-week online course with video calls with cohort and expert facilitator
  • Time commitment: 40 hours total – average of 8 hours per week (incl. 2hr masterclass)

The France Canada Chamber of Commerce (Ontario) invites innovators based in France and Canada to showcase their unique products/services to a panel of top French and Canadian companies.

As part of the Toronto French Innovation Month, an initiative program coordinated by the Consulate General of France in Toronto, France Canada Chamber of Commerce, Ontario and its partners are bringing you the best from both the corporate and startup worlds!

Les Innovateurs by FCCCO is a competition for startups designed to support both the ideas and the innovators working to solve complex problems in the world. The competition offers mentoring and coaching by seasoned investors and business professionals.

Esteemed Panel of Judges:

  1. Sanjay Tugnait – CEO, Capgemini Canada
  2. Rizwan Khalfan – CDO, TD Bank
  3. Susan Uthyakumar – President, Schneider Canada
  4. Basant Nanda – Managing Director and Head of IT, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
  5. Ludovic Andre – CEO, CIC Capital Ventures, Canada

What They’re Looking For:

  • Smart City Technologies: Solutions that improve quality of life for citizens (energy, lighting, facility management, healthcare services, citizen outreach, mobility, safety & security and others)
  • FinTech: Technology to enhance the Financial Service industry including payments & collections, operations, lending solutions, invoicing & reporting, digital experience and others

Shortlisted startups will present to the judges on November 6, 2018. Deadline to Apply is October 24th.

Our annual Holiday Mixer returns!

Please join us at Museum London to celebrate the season, the year ahead and the success of the past year in growing London’s tech community.

The 2018 conference will offer presentations from 5 UX (User Experience) professionals.

Exemplary user experience meets the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother, and is simple to use. High-quality user experiences seamlessly merge engineering, marketing, industrial design, and interface design.

UX Centre Stage is for beginners to experts. Our purpose is to spotlight the various roles involved in UX and encourage new connections within the community. We want London to be seen as a city that values design, tech and UX with a focus on diversity.

The gathering will be two parts:

8am-9am: Live session that airs world-wide hosted by MIT session

Details about MIT’s Presencing Institute & Transforming Capitalism Live Sessions: Web & PDF

9am-10am: Locally-focused dialogue on the role that our sector can play in creating a caring economy – co-hosted by a panel of tech sector leaders

We’re inviting you to help create the conversation.

“Tech Sector Leading London’s New Economy”

Is this a headline you’d like to see become a reality?

  • Do you want to co-create a new economic reality that helps all of our companies to grow and prosper in London?
  • Our sector is driven by a workforce that desires meaning, connection to between personal purpose and worklife.
  • As a sector, we provide innovative solutions to community problems – through a wide spectrum of activities including building applications to help humans become more efficient, or online video games to entertain us.
  • Many in London’s tech sector are taking lead role in creating companies that care about people, profit and planet.
  • How can aligning our sector’s goals to the goals of the emerging workforce help all of us recruit and retain talent in our region?

These are the questions that we want to explore with you.

Innovation Advisor, Trish Barrow from the Government of Canada’s Concierge service team will be hosting November Office Hours in the MVP Lab. Trish provides a single access point for small and medium-sized enterprises to find high-quality, timely advice and access to funding opportunities that will help you innovate and accelerate your growth.

Trish has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and significant experience helping Ontario SMEs access global opportunities.  She has an extensive network of innovation contacts and confesses to being borderline fanatical about helping entrepreneurs get the help they need.

Trish will be available for 60 minute meetings on Thursday, November 1 from 9:00AM – 5:00PM.

Sales ABC (Always be closing)

(3 sessions, 4 hours each)

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops are experiential, hands-on workshops facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs. The workshops offer venturestools, mentoring and peer feedback to solve specific problems and develop essential business components.

In each four-hour session you will generate a deliverable that you will use frequently in the business development process.

What will you get out of the Sales ABC workshop series?

Workshop Schedule

Session 1 – The Sales Canvas Framework and the Sales Funnel // March 7, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This session will introduce the Sales Canvas Framework, which encompasses all aspects of inbound and outbound sales activities, and how these activities relate to moving customer prospects through the sales funnel.

You will get the opportunity to explore the “Leaky Sales Funnel,” learn about cold calling techniques and practice managing individual sales opportunities to turn leads into prospects.

Deliverable: Techniques to book, prepare for and conduct a sales call

Session 2 – The Customer Sales Meeting // March 14, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00p.m.

This session will focus on how to move customers’ leads through the sales funnel. In preparation for your customer sales meeting, you will get the opportunity to identify various customer stakeholders, learn new negotiation tactics and practice managing individual sales opportunities to successfully turn customer prospects into sales.

Deliverable: A Sales Process and Stakeholder Management Chart to prepare you to meet with your customers

Session 3 – Analyzing and Managing the Sales Process // March 21, 2019from 1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.

The final session will focus on the technical aspects of measuring the sales process to improve the quality and quantity of sales activities and make changes to become more efficient in closing sales.

You will define the stages of the sales cycle for your customers and map out your sales pipeline with some sales cycle probabilities. You will learn about how to define, track, analyze and manage your sales process.

Deliverable: A spreadsheet approach to tracking sales with sales funnel data for a prospective customer

Doors for this workshop open at 12:30pm and facilitation begins at 1:00pm.

From the foyer of The Convergence Centre, please go left and head downstairs. From the bottom of the stairs, turn left and the MVP Lab will be on your right.


Finance Fundamentals

(3 sessions, 4 hours each)

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops are experientialhands-on workshops facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs. The workshops offer ventures tools, mentoring and peer feedback to solve specific problems and develop essential business components.

In each four-hour session you will generate a deliverable that you will use frequently in the business development process.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” –Unknown

Do you understand the financial metrics of your business? Do you want to be able to speak knowledgeably to your accountant, bank or investors about your company finances, or to manage a plan to ensure that you have the necessary cash available when your business needs it? This three-part workshop series is designed to help entrepreneurs understand basic financial concepts, build a forecasting model to use in running their businesses and identify key concepts of valuation that apply to their businesses.

Participant Profile:

This workshop is geared toward entrepreneurs who are working on their business model, starting to incur expenses and potentially starting to generate revenue, and who are looking to get control of company finances to support decision making for future growth and potential investment.


  • Completion of the Starting Lean: Business Model workshop
  • Draft of Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas
  • Basic understanding of spreadsheets/formulas

Other Requirements for Attendance:

  • A laptop with access to spreadsheet software for the duration of the workshop.

Workshop Schedule

Session 1 – Preparing your Business Forecast // January 24, 2019 from 1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.

In this session, we help you understand the basics of financial statements and begin to build a detailed cash-flow forecast to be used in making day-to-day business decisions around growth.

Deliverable: Expense cash flow template for your business.

Session 2 – Understanding Revenue Forecasting and Funding // January 31, 2019 from 1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.

In the second session, we will demonstrate how to add revenue estimates to your cash-flow forecast, taking you through inputs such as pricing, sales funnel and revenue types. The result will be a complete cash-flow forecasting model you can use in your business.

Deliverable: Revenue cash-flow template for your business

Session 3 – Business Valuation and Tutorial Session // February 7, 2019 from 1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.

First half: Outline basic concepts surrounding different types of business valuations, and the inputs and factors that impact valuation from an investor perspective.

Second half: Working session/finance lab.

Deliverable: Basic complete 12-month cash flow forecast for your business.

Please note: Doors open for this session at 12:30 p.m. and instruction begins at 1:00 p.m sharp.

From the foyer of The Convergence Centre, please go left and head downstairs. From the bottom of the stairs, turn left and the MVP Lab will be on your right.