Protect Your Intellectual Property

Innovations start with ideas, when you disrupt to solve a problem or fill a gap you have created a valuable business asset right from the beginning – that’s what Intellectual Property (IP) is all about.

Intellectual Property (IP), is the centre of our new economic reality.  Owning and controlling IP is the most valuable asset your business has.  If you don’t have an IP strategy your most valuable business asset could be at risk.  

Disrupt or be disrupted. Use IP in the intangible economy to advance your technology, TechAlliance and our partners can help.

Types of IP

There are many types of IP and depending on your business and creation more
than one type might apply and all can interact with each other. Here are a few examples.


Copyright is the exclusive right to produce or reproduce a work in any form.


Trademark is what identifies your products or services in the public mind.


A patent gives its owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an original invention.

Industrial Design

Industrial design protects the visual features of a product – its shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, or any combination of these features.


Tadename is a name under which a company operates that is different from its registered name.

Integrated Circuit Topography (ICT)

ICT registrations give the creator exclusive rights electronic integrated circuits or IC products that are configured and interconnected.


Canadian Intellectual Property Office

CIPO delivers intellectual property (IP) services and educates Canadian businesses on how to use IP more effectively.

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MaRS IP Startup Toolkit

Startup Toolkit IP Collection helps promising founders build successful companies with resources and templates.

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Intellectual property: It’s yours. Own it. 

CIPO Fact Sheet.  Create it. Identify it. Protect it. 
Make it happen.  

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Innovation Asset Collective

By realizing the inherent value of IP, IAC helps data-driven, cleantech SMEs maximize the value of their intangible assets setting the stage for international growth.

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An IP strategy is a good business strategy.

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