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Company Overview

We don’t want to be just a supplier – we want to be part of your success story.

We do more than just match acronyms in a job description to those on a resume. We have a deep understanding of what each position entails and what makes that position special.

Our ability to develop a detailed understanding of an organization’s cultural, technical and professional requirements allows us to identify and attract the best candidates in their field.

We know you take care when defining a position and hiring an employee – we do the same. Using our extensive internal database, social networks and affiliates we can meet the best candidates to fill your needs.

We meet everyone in the process, clients and candidates; so that you know the fit will be right for all parties. When we recommend an employee to you, you can be sure they will make a valuable contribution to your success – now and in the future.

Core products & services

Specialized and personal recruiting services. We recruit and staff for both permanent and contract positions.


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Key personnel

Maureen Harrison

Maureen Harrison has been in the IT Staffing industry for 15 years.

She has worked as a recruiter and account manager matching IT professionals for a variety of companies both small and large with positions ranging from development roles to architect, PM’s  and director levels.

Maureen has had great success in developing relationships with IT professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in their fields.  She has worked with companies who have just hired their first employee to large corporations building a contractor team for an important project.

Maureen has worked in a number of locations in Canada – Vancouver, Toronto and London.  She has cultivated relationships with candidates and clients at all levels by getting involved in her community and with grass roots recruiting efforts.

You might not know…

  • What sets 2A3 Group apart of other recruiting agency is personal attention. We make sure candidates are personally interviewed and referenced before they are presented to a potential client.

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