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London, ON

Company Overview

Agile by Design helps organizations achieve business agility at scale through a thoughtful, design-driven approach to organizational change. We are dedicated to delivering the finest services and experience to our clients.

As early as 2002, our team has lead the delivery of large-scale IT projects and programs using agile methods. In 2007, we founded an agile transformation practice inside a tier-one consulting firm; within five years, our small local team had become a global service providing coaching and mentorship to clients in nine countries.

Our offering matured to include a full suite of advisory and consulting services—including portfolio planning and prioritization, operating-model design, organizational design, funding, rewards and recognition—and we began to integrate lean methods into our growing arsenal of agile practices.

By 2015, our team of over 30 people was supporting the global footprint of clients running large lean-agile IT transformations. It was in this year that we made the decision to launch Agile by Design.

Today, our organization’s offering has extended beyond Agile. We know how to connect the benefits of Agile, Lean and Service Design to offer exponential value to our clients. We leverage HCD techniques to understand the needs and wants of your Customers. We then use Lean principles to ensure that your business processes and structure are well positioned to respond to needs of your market. Finally, we help to execute your projects incrementally, leveraging Agile principles.

We are an enthusiastic, high-energy, multi-faceted team. Our team has a solid track record for coaching teams on foundational Agile, Lean and Service Design practices, while guiding end-to-end organizational transformation to achieve a more collaborative, empowered, human-centered ecosystem for our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your organization, Shelisa Bainbridge can be reached directly:

By phone at 226-373-8226 (Southwestern Ontario) or 416-809-3444 (Greater Toronto Area)
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Core products & services

Our Value Proposition:

Customer Problem

Positional Leaders who are trying to effect serious change and need organizational support to effectively deliver value in the face of uncertainty.

Customer Solution

- Organize For Uncertainty: We provide their team with the skills to grow the self-organizing structure necessary for delivering value in an uncertain market

- Human Centric Delivery (HCD): We arm your organization with a form of lean startup thinking suited for the enterprise. HCD is a complete flow that combines design thinking, UX, and validated learning

- Agile at Scale: We pair with leaders to coach their entire organization on a flavour of agile that scales gracefully across their entire enterprise, while still being lightweight, and fit for purpose to the individual context.

- Open and Validated Agile Journey: We partner with your team to bootstrap a co-creative, open, sustainable, incremental change journey. I.e., Lean Change Method.

Organizational coaching and training in Agile, Lean and Human-Centered Delivery. Our approach is customized to the needs of our clients and are shaped to consider industry relevance and depth of knowledge.


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Key Personnel

Shelisa Bainbridge (“Shelisa B”) — Head of Human Centered Delivery

“My most intrinsic joy is deeply rooted in re-energizing the creative confidence in people, teams, and organizations, and in working together to produce products and services that will strengthen our ties in the world around us.” – Shelisa B.

Shelisa B. is a business leader with more than 20 years of experience working with some of Canada’s most notable brands.
Through her various Corporate experiences, Shelisa has come to understand the exponential power that ‘human connection’ has on a company’s bottom line, and the support that businesses need to attain exceptional results through brand loyalty and unwavering internal team trust and collaboration.
As the Head of the Human Centered Delivery (HCD) practice at Agile by Design, Shelisa B. and team help to arm people with the skills they need to shift the mindset, culture and methods required to increase agility. HCD is a complete flow that combines Agile, Lean, Service Design, User Experience and validated learning.
Shelisa has a solid track record for coaching teams on Agile and HCD practices, and on guiding end-to-end organizational transformation to achieve a more collaborative, empowered, human-centered ecosystem.