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Company Overview

Autodata Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Internet Brands, Inc., is a consulting, technology services and business process outsource company dedicated to the automotive industry. Founded in 1990, it is our mission to provide solutions that increase the effectiveness of the automotive sales chain and help put vehicles in consumer’s driveways. Clients benefit from the expertise we have gained from our singular focus on the automotive sector as well as 23 years of successful client engagements.

Our technology solutions range from enabling dealer-to-OEM vehicle ordering to consumer-focused interactive marketing initiative such as brand web sites, dealer web sites, dealership sales tools and mobile solutions. Over the last two decades we have enabled most of the automotive companies in North America including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Volvo, and Jaguar.

Through our 50% interest in Chrome Data Solutions, Autodata also provides automotive content, competitive research, vehicle configuration data & tools and other related services. Chrome Data content enabled solutions include vehicle configuration and ordering, vehicle comparison, vehicle description, VIN decoding, incentives programs, full-motion video and images, vehicle reviews and vehicle accessories. Chrome Data is the premier content enabler of the North American auto industry.

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