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Company Overview

DealPrep is a legal educational support platform for entrepreneurs, founders, students and small business owners. Leveraging our document dissection algorithm, DealPrep provides an online business law learning platform hosting 100s of "live" contract templates, 100s of hours of curriculum, a legal Q&A helpdesk, free lawyer AMA calls, and 1000s of founder knowledge Q&As.

We're helping founders better understand their legal foundations by providing them with the knowledge needed to comfortably engage in contract work.

DealPrep aims to be the #1 deal training platform in the world. So far, over 80 North American organizational customers rely on us to provide their entrepreneurial cohorts with the legal support tools necessary to safely and effectively grow their businesses. Over 6,000 active entrepreneurs have used our platform to assist in their deals and our user count grows every day.

Core products & services

Contract Templates, Legal Knowledge, Legal Q&A, Legal AMA Calls


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Key Personnel

Thomas Southmayd

Thomas Southmayd is the CEO of DealPrep, a legal EdTech platform supplying business law education tools to over 80 organizations across Canada. Thomas has been involved in the legal tech industry for most of his professional life. Before joining DealPrep, Thomas worked as a legal research analyst for Cobalt Lawyers, a technology law firm, and the business development lead for Clausehound, a knowledge management firm. Thomas is also a chapter organizer for Toronto Legal Hackers, a global movement of lawyers,
policymakers and technologists who explore and develop creative solutions to pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology.


You may not know…

Entrepreneurs like to work with our platform because of how focused it is on founders and non-legal folx. Our team is made up of founders and entrepreneurs alike, and so we built our technology to support founders like us. The contract templates we host are based on demand from our userbase, the legal knowledge Q&A and commentary we host is written so that it’s easily digestible, and our team ensures that the training curriculum we develop is written for founders, tested by founders and priced for founders.

Our ethos in building this platform was to make sure that we could decipher and present traditionally guarded knowledge to folks who need it.

2019: Contracted as the official legal training sponsor for the City of Toronto’s Ec Dev branch, providing our online business law training solutions for entrepreneurs across Toronto.

2017: Contracted as the sole legal technology provider for Ryerson’s Law Practice Program, conducting training simulations and online curriculum delivery for over 200 students at any given time.