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Company Overview

My company will focus on the sale of engagement services, primarily the Virtual Town Hall. This technology turns the phone system into your personal talk-radio broadcast. The system dials out and connects online to hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people at one time across any geographic area. You can reach your most important stakeholders in the comfort of their own home, overcoming many traditional barriers to engagement, such as transportation, childcare, domestic duties, weather and many more.

As each person connects, they hear a brief recorded message from your organization and then they are placed into the event. Everyone who joins is muted, but they can raise their had to ask a question (by pressing *3 on their keypad). They are then routed to a screener who takes their question and enters it into a dashboard that is then visible by moderators working on the event. You are then able to select the questions you want to go live from the questions queue.

Core products & services

Virtual or Telephone Town Hall Services Stakeholder Engagement Consulting


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Key Personnel

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Carl Mavromichalis

Carl is one of Canada’s leading authorities on the use of Virtual Town Halls having completed nearly 200 events since 2012. He is an Accredited Business Communicator with 20 years of experience in communications, stakeholder engagement and public affairs in non-profit, government, corporate and small-business environments.

Before founding Converso, Carl was a Senior Associate with a leading political consulting firm where he was involved in a wide array of client VYH projects, the Government of Manitoba, the Government of Alberta, Alberta’s Royalty Review, Ontario Power Generation, the City of St. Catharines, and the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

Carl’s other client work has included research and communications consulting work for Scotiabank’s Global Transactions Banking Division and Canada’s largest private sector labour union Unifor, among others.

Carl has an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Guelph, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from Ryerson University, and has received additional training in crisis communications.


You may not know…

I have done more of these events in the past couple of years that anyone else in Canada.