Company Overview

DIBZ is a real-time seat upgrade solution for existing ticket holders, at event venues. We built DIBZ to give fans of the performing arts, and sports the option of upgrading their seats to better ones, from unused inventory, without devaluing existing price structures. Our process provides instant gratification, providing a better fan experience for the customer, while increasing the venues bottom line. Without ever having to download an App, or visit the box office.

Core products & services

Ticket Upgrades

Key Personnel

Brennon D’Souza

As producer & director of media, Brennon believes in working smarter, and has done this for large organizations, like Bell Media, Corus Ent. and ShowTime. As a big thinker and even bigger doer, he understands what it means to use creativity and simplicity to connect with audiences. 

From Pizza slices to Shotgun, Brennon is usually the first person to call DIBZ on anything!

You may not know…

When you buy a ticket, you buy with your brain. When you buy an experience, you buy with your heart. DIBZ has learned to capitalize on that emotional buy, and be the perfect example of how the user experience and technology should work well together.

We recently were chosen to pitch at OpenText’s Enterprise World 2017 for a partnership with OpenText and $100,000, where we shared the stage with (CIX Top 20 recipient). To be chosen among hundreds of startups, and be competing with VC backed companies is an honour, and definitely worthy of proving our value on the worlds stage.

Awards & Nominations