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As leaders in training and development, Flashpoint knows that creating high performance teams is critical to the success of any company. What business leaders don’t often think about is how poor team performance results in significant losses in productivity, increased absenteeism and turnover and ultimately puts their business at risk. When Flashpoint adds its special twist, you get an infusion of passion into your team…pushing performance results beyond the unexpected!

So, how do we do it? Flashpoint helps people identify and shatter some of their own limits by creating a safe, non-judgmental environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas in a way that allows them to dig deeper into their own strengths and weaknesses. We use novel elements that incorporate physicality to stimulate innovative and creative solutions to problems, allowing people to tap into a side of themselves that requires a new type of performance. It’s about connecting the unexpected by blending custom-tailored content and creative program design, ensuring you get the immediate and long-term results you want while having fun doing it.

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Leadership coaching & training

Communication skill enhancement

Team development

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Human Capital growth and productivity


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Laura Pavilonis MBA, CHRL is an entrepreneur and leadership coach, holding an Executive MBA and a Certified Human Resource designation. She has over 25 years of corporate leadership experience, with extensive background in the development and implementation of a cross-section of human resource and organizational development and training programs. Laura loves to connect with people and she is known for walking into a room with her magnetic energy and making people instantly feel comfortable and open. She has been known to speak to various groups about her life learnings, failures and successes and is never afraid to lay it all out there.





Nancy Annett MBA, CHRL has been working in the organizational development and Human Resource Field for over 20 years. She holds an executive MBA from the Ivey School of Business and is also trained as a co-active coach. Nancy teaches in the Dan Management and Organizational Studies Program at the University of Western Ontario. Starting her own business has given Nancy a creative outlet for her passion of creating powerful teams and helping organizations thrive. She has a zest for life and enjoys participating in charity runs, triathlons and various recreational sports as a part of continuously maintaining wellbeing and balance in every aspect of life.

You May Not Know…

When organizations don’t address common team and individual performance barriers, it has a direct impact on their bottom line. These barriers may include the following;

  • Work place drama;
  • Working in silos;
  • Weak communication;
  • Disrespect, fear-based decisions;
  • Disengagement or dispassionate behaviour.