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We assess the bench strength of management teams to ensure they can build high performing cultures, and stay ahead of growth. J.D. Creaghan Group does this through proprietary on-line assessments, step-by-step performance improvement guide, one-on-one advising, and management training. Clients seek us to assist them with leadership succession, employee satisfaction, and even company turn around issues.
Our entire process is now being offered to clients and other advisers through the creation of a "Software as a Service" solution.

Core products & services

Leadership Stages Assessment

Step-by-step Performance Improvement Guide

eBooks and tools to support leaders' growth

One-to-one coaching

Workshops and Leadership programs


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126-a812d498d71f062f4afd336159edc92b_jonathancreaghan-gb-highres-bJonathan Creaghan has had a life long passion for helping people work better together. It began when he was a student labourer watching employees interact in the workplace. For the past 25 years, he has operated a management consulting business, J.D. Creaghan Group Ind., assisting business owners and their teams reach new levels of success by using his proprietary materials, books and tools. The foundation of his programs is to assess, prepare and develop executives and management teams.

The list of his clients’ successes range from taking their businesses from near bankruptcy to a hundred million in sales; see employee satisfaction numbers go from 68% to 89% in one year; built strong management teams for succession from within; improved employee retention; and stayed ahead of fast growth by developing management performance.

Jonathan is an author of several books (Thinking Differently about Getting More Done; Succession; and the thought provoking fable Duxter’s Leap) many of which are found in different languages around the globe. His greatest complement is from people who have read his books or taken his workshops years ago and still thank him for the transformation they experienced.

Jonathan is a graduate from Western University, a Master Practitioner in NLP,  and a lifelong learner.

He is currently way outside his comfort zone as he starts up a Software as a Service company. But realizes that how can he expect his clients to get outside their comfort zones if he is not prepared to do the same.



60-cddd9792f3dd3b6fae27906c2cf9b065_joannecreaghan-wb-hiresJoanne Creaghan’s career has always consisted of the fine balance of using both her analytical and interpersonal skills. For over twenty years she worked in educational systems implementing and overseeing databases, and most importantly providing the support and training which resulted in efficient client use and data integrity. Ten years ago, Joanne began working for her husband’s consulting business (J.D. Creaghan Group Inc.) full-time, managing both the administrative and financial tasks.  Through her encouragement, they have placed their Leadership Stages Assessment on-line. Her career is coming full circle, as J.D. Creaghan Group moves into the Software as a Service model offering their proprietary material and programs to clients and other business advisors, thus allowing Joanne to once again provide advice and support to users.

Joanne is a graduate of Western University.  She and husband Jonathan have two grown sons, Spencer and Aidan.


You may not know…

Our of proprietary learning materials are based 5 pillars:
– Easy to understand
– Simple to use
– Don’t add to daily ‘to-do’ lists
– Apply instantly
– Effective at work or home