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With rapid growth in applications of new complex structured macromolecules in medicine, biomedical devices, semi-conductors and environmental-friendly commodities, the characterization needs go well beyond the conventional means. Realizing this immediate demand for advanced macromolecular characterization and limited expertise in such services, PolyAnalytik Inc. started its operations in early 2007. The company offers state-of-the-art analytical support through contract analysis, method development and validation services to petrochemical, polymer/plastics, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

PolyAnalytik Inc. specializes in modern Size Exclusion/Gel Permeation/Gel Filtration Chromatography and related techniques. The company strives to develop and employ parallel and complementary practices such as cutting-edge light scattering and solution viscosity to better understand the molecular behaviors of polymers, biopolymers, plastics and proteins. The company also engages in manufacturing and distributing generic and specialty high resolution GPC/SEC/GFC columns and unique standard materials used in such analysis.

PolyAnalytik Inc. is headquartered at the University of Western Ontario Research Park in London, Ontario, Canada, with a satellite characterization facility at CITEC, The University of Sao Paulo Research Park. These unique locations at the two leading research-intense institutions allow us to be involved in cutting-edge research, collaborate with world renowned scientists, and constantly develop new ideas, applications and products to further advance the science of macromolecular characterization.

PolyAnalytik Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ISO 17025:2005 Compliant ensuring highest quality management along with proper laboratory operation. The company’s experienced staff devote much time and effort communicating with customers to fully grasp their specific needs ensuring high rate of success in reaching the project objectives.

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