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London, Ontario

Company Overview

We are a locally owned full service Real Estate Company with worldwide reach. Partnered and linked with the likes of Scott Mcgillvary, Ryan Serhant and The Benham Brothers gives us access to strategies and exclusive networks. We save you Money, Time and simplify the transaction for you. No fridge magnets and calendars. Creating an environment where anyone can have the confidence to jump into the world of Real Estate without having to worry about a thing. Be it buying a home to raise their family for generations to come, open up a business and create employment or build/sell a dynamic Real Estate investment portfolio, we want them to know they have the skills, tools and experience backing them to get it done right.

We are constantly innovating and are aiming to provide the best Real Estate service in the world.

Core products & services

Real Estate Service
Commercial Tenant Representation
Residential Sales
Land Acquisition
Development Consultation, Investment


professional servicesProfessional Services

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Our network is your network. You’re welcome to leverage all of our professional contacts which extend into all fields.

You might not know…

We come from professional backgrounds and chose our careers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards possible when it comes to fiduciary duty to our clients and transparency. We run our businesses as true businesses VS what is typical in our field, which is that of sales people.


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