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Company Overview

sagecomm is a full service strategic marketing and communications partner of growing small businesses, leading corporate brands and national charities, that specializes in brand, product and cause positioning, marketing strategy and community engagement.

We focus on delivering remarkable work that produces wins for our clients and impact for the communities they serve. From marketing-communications plans to practical, tactical, measurable implementation frameworks, sagecomm work spans the full gamut of service - traditional print to digital design.

Core products & services

Research and market analyais

Customer pulse checks

Competitor audits

Departmental reviews

Marketing strategy

Brand positioning

Content strategy

Public relations

Brand design and development

All media advertising

Web development

Logotype development

Print and digital design


Event Design

Community Development

Political Consulting

Video Storytelling


Media Relations


marketing & web servicesMarketing & Web Services

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Key Personnel


Jeff Sage
Co-Founder, SR Strategist

Jeff’s role as a senior sagecomm strategist combines his expertise in marketing and public relations with his passion for all things digital. Jeff loves to push limits, ask provoking questions and encourages us all to see things through different lenses. His secret sauce is his deep passion for causes and community. He also writes stunning ad copy, has a healthy disdain for the status quo and a penchant for justice.



Lindsay Sage
Co-Founder, SR Strategist

Lindsay’s passions are strategy and storytelling. She focuses on the facilitation of strategic plans, solutions and stories that build powerful, authentic brands. Lindsay takes great pride in our long-term client relationships and community partnerships. She is energized by helping our clients create powerful narratives to build connections to audiences and communities in new and remarkable ways.


You may not know…

Position to matter.

When customers and communities love what you do, new ones join. Sales increase. Engagement soars.

Your business grows.

Awards & Nominations:

IABC Virtuoso Awards of Merit in Communications Management and Communications Skills (2016)

Top 20 Under 40 Recipients – Jeff & Lindsay Sage (2013)