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Achieve better health outcomes…

It sounds simple, but it is complicated to do. Everyone agrees — the need to achieve better health outcomes is urgent. Health technology innovation can be an important part of achieving better outcomes if it is done well. However, mistakes can be costly and if you don't have experience or the time for navigating regulatory, technical, economic, and user adoption issues, health technology innovation can be complex and frustrating. SW Solutions helps simplify your health technology innovation journey.

In our complex interconnected systems, it is more important than ever to thoughtfully assess the situation, set strategy, and execute well. You need to be able to rely on experience, creativity, and the ability to think across disciplines, technologies, and existing walls. SW Solutions and its partners have over thirty years of success in health care innovation AND implementation – that's solid experience in knowing how to look beyond the obvious for the potential issues that can derail your change initiative. We pro-actively address these issues and incorporate them into a well thought out strategy for success. Working closely with you, we'll listen carefully to what you are looking to accomplish, develop, and deliver a well thought through solution that positions you for success now and in the years to come. Together, we'll help you Envision, Implement, Transform…


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Key Personnel

107-cf1991cfe2b223c760b88034503e881b_NARESH+SINGH+imageNaresh Singh is the principal of SW Solutions Inc. and brings his passion for high quality health care to every project he undertakes.  Passion for health care began early for Naresh.  As a high school summer student studying cardiac transplant patients resume active lives, he saw for himself the power of innovation, coupled with caring hands.

Over a career spanning three decades and dozens of projects globally, he and his teams have amassed thousands of hours of expertise.  Working closely with clients globally, they have delivered solutions that ensure sustainable and measurable improvements for health consumers and providers.

Experience, good judgment, and the ability to deliver are critical to your achieving success.  Examples of that proven record of accomplishments include:

  • Development and global deployment of new health technology solutions and services to public and private health care providers, researchers, and health care suppliers
  • Selection, implementation, and optimization of health technology systems across large health systems, spanning large geographical regions across the patient care experience
  • Transformation of business and clinical processes to maximize health care value in business and clinical settings (“People, Process, Technology”)
  • Board member of several organizations (health care and non-health care) undergoing fundamental transformations of their mission and operations