Synergy Tax & Business Solutions Inc.

189 Adelaide Street South

London, Ontario

Company Overview

Synergy Tax & Business Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive business services and consulting solutions with a team educated in Business, Accounting, Taxation, Marketing and Communications.

Whether you’re looking for backup accounting support, or full-cycle finance department, we will tailor a plan that meets the precise needs of your growing business.

Core products & services

Bookkeeping, Income Tax, Training & Support, Business Consulting


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Key Personnel

Sarah Queale, President
Sarah is an entrepreneur, bookkeeper and opportunity-seeker. Having spent years supporting small and medium-sized businesses from a financial management perspective, she has seen the ups-and-downs of the entrepreneurial world. Sarah was educated in Business and Accounting at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, and Athabasca University in Alberta. With a passion for travel and exploration, she has visited many countries around the world, having seen many parts of Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and many great cities right here in North America. She has a unique, positive outlook on the world, and is always searching for a challenge.


Amy Circelli, Tax & Account Supervisor
Amy has over 30 years of experience in accounting, with taxation as her specialty, which she thoroughly enjoys. Using her knowledge of taxes and accounting, Amy is proud to help individual tax clients maximize their refunds and each member of her corporate client roster enjoys the benefits of her attention to detail and expertise in account management. She loves to travel and have discovered the cruising life in the last few years. Amy grew up in Pickering and moved to London for University where she met her husband of 30 years. She has two children, and her family is the most important thing in her life.


Adriana Roman, Senior Account Specialist
Adriana has celebrated 5 years with Synergy, being the first full-time employee to join the team back in 2014. Adriana holds a Bachelor of Finance Degree, and has made learning the ins and outs of new accounting software her specialty. With a unique ability to learn new things and adapt to a new business environment, Adriana is an asset both on or off-site to many large corporate clients, but also takes special interest in helping her sole proprietor clients thrive in the tax world. Adriana is a highly involved mom and in the rare moments she has spare time for herself, she enjoys travel, Food- and beverage-related hobbies, Loves being a Mom, the great outdoors, Fashion and overall just likes good time.


Kristin Lefave, Bookkeeper & Business Development Manger
Kristin is an accomplished Management professional with experience working as both a General Manager and VP of Operations for large distribution/manufacturing industries. From this, she brings to Synergy a vast array of experience and knowledge of overseeing a company from both operational proficiency and financial viewpoints. She facilitates this expertise and provides insights into company viability and the importance of accurate bookkeeping “You have no idea how your company is doing and what direction it’s going without accurate accounting”.