Tamias Technologies Inc.

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London, Ontario

Company Overview

Tamias Technologies develops software-based solutions for business and end users. We provide a variety of application development and support services including eCommerce, systems integrations, health care and affiliate network marketing. We work with other digital agencies to fill the gaps in their development process.

Core products & services

Web Development

Mobile App Development


Health Care

Affiliate Marketing

Website Maintenance


digital media & ictDigital Media & ICT

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Key Personnel

Noah Stewart

noah-640x899Noah began his career as a graphic designer working for in-house marketing departments and agencies in Toronto and London. After renewing his interest in computer programming at Fanshawe, Noah spent another eight years developing websites for various digital agencies and clients in London and New Brunswick, returning to London in 2015 to co-found Tamias Technologies.





Eric Southern

eric-640x899Eric has spent the majority of his career doing software development for private and public health care companies in the U.S. and London. Eric has thirteen years of experience with large scalable health information systems in addition to degrees in computer science and software engineering.