TechShare Group Inc

240 Waterloo Street

London, ON

Company Overview

At TechShare, we build robust software solutions to automate complex operational processes. As Salesforce consultants, our end-to- end custom software solutions are built on a world-class platform, ensuring adaptability and lower development costs.

We are driven by our ability to adapt to challenges, delivering creative solutions to even the most complex problems.

Core products & services

Strategic Roadmap: We work with you to understand your business requirements today and strategic vision for the future, Through collaboration, we’ll develop a strategic roadmap that ensures the success of your business.

Development: There are limitless opportunities to streamline operational processes by leveraging Salesforce and other IT Technologies. We are dedicated to helping you craft the tools you need to save time and money.

Implementation: Combining our deep technical knowledge with an understanding of your strategic objectives, our custom Salesforce implementations will redefine efficiency within your organization.

Managed Services: Our suite of managed services encompasses traditional dedicated private hosting, multi-tenant managed cloud solutions, plus proactive management of existing I.T. services.

Leadership: In 2012 our founding Partners came together to form a solid and symbiotic relationship, we believe in bringing together people with diverse skill sets and perspectives. Together, we take pride in developing revolutionary solutions that help your team perform at their best.


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Key Personnel


Photo: Left to Right – Dave Hetesi (Operations, Partner), Matt Loh (CTO, Co-Founder), Rob Campbell (Managed Services, Co-Founder), Matthew Richens (CEO, Co-Founder)