Company Overview

TecVana Corporation is a Digital Media Marketing and Consulting company specializing in developing integrated digital media mobile marketing and technology solutions that will reach and engage the millennial generation, motivate them to explore, discover and experience all the attributes that "near me" communities have to offer in order to help our rural economy and small businesses grow.

Core products & services

TecVana has developed a mobile marketing platform with a proprietary app called Open World Connect (OWC) that provides an affordable solution to three major problems preventing sustainable growth within small market communities and small businesses everywhere.

1. It's a Millennial World - The Millennial generation is having a profound and disruptive impact on our traditional marketing strategies for reaching and engaging consumers. Having a website is no longer enough to market business / community content. You now need a strong mobile on-line presence and powerful social media tactic which the OWC fully integrated digital media marketing platform provides.

2. Discoverability - OWC provides users (millennials) a common app with one touch access to the OWC centralized hub of real-time, on demand, relevant and meaningful information about small businesses and local communities – and a reward feature called Geo Adventuring, to motivate them to explore, discover and experience all the local attributes, including festivals, events, live entertainment, attractions, businesses, adventures and activities plus local business promotions

3. Distribution - OWC provides small market communities and local businesses a "full service integrated centralized mobile marketing hub that aggregates their content then digital distributes the content through the OWC app to market. OWC's aggressive social media and mobile marketing puts their real-time information into the hands of consumer seeking information on things to do or places to go for a day trip or in planning activities for a desired tourist destination. The centralized platform is affordable for small business and communities helping them save time, money and DIY effort in reaching and engaging this digital mobile market.


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Key Personnel

Doug Matatall, CEO

Doug, is a Digital Media Marketing Consultant and CEO of TecVana Corporation. His focus is on digital solutions that bridge the growing urban – rural divide; the gap between business or community brand assets, consumer desire and emerging trends in technology and consumer behavior. Doug shows us how to use the power of digital media, social media and mobile marketing to engage the millennial generation and get them involved in exploring and experiencing “near me” communities and small businesses, converting it into the engine for sustainable growth.

Doug has over 35 years in marketing with Nortel Networks and has an extensive background in economic evaluations, business models, feasibility and financial analysis, retailing, revenue stimulation, incentive & motivation planning, sales and major account support; specializing in the field of channel management, public access, self-serve technology, advertising and promotion and now digital media marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing.

Doug’s consulting includes working for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago developing their 5 year strategic marketing plan to help the country achieve a “developed nation” status by the year 2020, all on the backbone of ICT and working for the Caribbean Country of Grenada developing their next generation tourism and travel app and mobile marketing platform as well as a start-up airline in Mexico.

Doug’s passion for the outdoors, the environment and concern over the impact that the declining youth interest in recreational outdoor activities was having on rural communities that led to the development of the Open World Connect digital marketing platform and the “near me” movement.

You may not know…

It is clear that if we are ever going to grow our rural economy and help small businesses survive, the time to act is now! We are unique in that we are pushing an innovative “near me movement” supported by cutting edge digital technology and marketing (Open World Connect) to get more of our youth involved in the outdoors. This is a major social issue on a global scale. To have any hope for a sustainable future, our small communities and businesses now need to redefine and reinvent themselves to align with the millennial market. This is only possible through collaboration with the millennials facilitated by a centralized app like Open World Connect on consumers mobile device. We know that the millennial generation is seeking a “NEAR ME” experiences – they do want to get out visiting our rural communities. As well, the trend in global tourism and travel is called “dispersion”; explore and discover off the beaten track local culture. These trends provide small market communities and local businesses with a new opportunity for growth but the content has to be discovered!

Awards & Nominations

  • 2018 Finalist in TechAlliance Startup Innovation Award
  • International contract to develop Grenada next generation tourism app
  • NRC – IRAP funding for platform and app development