Company Overview

In this fast-paced world of change and increasing demands, our ability to think differently helps us step out of our comfort zone with confidence, and make the most of challenges and opportunities. Creating a high performance mindset is our specialty. Whether to increase employee engagement, break down silos and drive teaming, increase accountability and creativity, or enhance leadership and culture, our proprietary mindsetting solutions give you the competitive edge.

Leadership is complex, requiring agility in our thinking more than ever before.
The leadership of any organization creates its' culture. It is learned by people in the organization observing the behaviors or actions, the comments and the decisions made every day, by the members of leadership at all levels. Over time, the people in the organization come to believe what is expected, the norms of behavior and the thoughts about what is possible and what is not possible. We leverage your leadership team to create a strong, vibrant culture where high levels of performance become the new norm.

Culture is the shared way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization. Think of it as a collective mindset. Creating new ways of thinking will impact all aspects of your culture and organization, so our tools and processes are designed to sustain the new levels of performance within your culture for years to come.

Individuals adapt to change if they see value in it. Our world-class programs and facilitators will help your team identify how self-imposed, limiting beliefs prevent full success. You will receive scientifically-validated techniques to remove those limitations. Our assessment tools help you gain insight into how leadership and culture impacts the performance of your organization and team members.

Core products & services

Transactional services:

  • Personal BluePrint and Leadership BluePrint assessment tools which identify areas of strengths
  • Our 2-day core mindset curriculum is a great starter for those who are interested in learning how to ignite their mindset or
    increase their performance. It is also a great tool for folks are struggling with any culture challenges within their organization
    or those who feel "stuck" in their current roles.

Transformational services:

  • Working with organizations to transform, align or evolve their culture.
  • We do not do "boxed" solutions and interventions are based on an intensive diagnostic and may include one or more of the following:
    • Culture / Leadership BluePrints
    • Applying the core curriculum to teams or organizations
    • Team / individual coaching on the BluePrint or curriculum
    • Vision and Value Alignment

Where we are unique is that our entire process is based on a growth mindset, meaning we believe people have the potential to change.

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Key Personnel

Ali Rankin-Nash
Managing Director
Ali Rankin-Nash joined The Pacific Institute® in 2018 with over 5 years of healthcare expertise in a variety of areas, including health system research, bedside and leadership roles. After working with the Global Team based out of Seattle, Ali was given the opportunity to open an Ontario office with her now business partner Doug Tames, who manages the GTA.

As a Registered Nurse with a Master of Business Administration, she holds a Master certificate in Healthcare Management and Leadership. An executive member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders Southwestern Ontario, Rankin-Nash brings a unique lens to looking at how the culture of healthcare and other fields can improve and the level of impact TPI can bring to those systems.

Rankin-Nash believes that women in leadership and young business leaders are the driving force for growth mindset and performance improvement to enrich their own results and that of their teams. “I’m looking forward to delivering life-changing mindset and performance curriculum to organizations and individuals to improve the lives in our community,” said Rankin-Nash. “I am thrilled to be working with The Pacific Institute, and I look forward to working with the TPI team.”


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