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Company Overview

Len and Louise Motuzas are Business Consultants who created Thrive Service Inc. in 2013 As previous business owners in the tech industry, we experienced the joy of success as well as, forgoing holidays, working long hours and meeting financial obligations. We tried different strategies to increase our sales and profitability. Some worked and some did not. Experience has taught us what works well. Your success is important and so is the freedom that comes with it.

Our programs are tailored to each business's specific needs. We have developed a 4-Step Maximizer Program to help your business Thrive! To learn more about us, please visit our website We would love to share our enthusiasm and help you create the success you deserve.

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The Maximizer - 4 Step Program

The Discounter Program

The Turnover Program

The Money Tree Program

The Empowerment Program

The Departure Program

The Collector Program


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Len Motuzas

Len Motuzas brings small and medium business a positive and energetic approach to solving problems and increasing revenue.  Being an experienced business owner himself, Len has shared the same problems that many of his peers face today such as tight cash-flows, meeting payroll, working long hours and stagnant sales.

He created and led Bolen, a successful London based  I.T. company for 18 years.  Len has the knowledge and experience on how to help businesses increase net revenue, maximize their business strengths and deliver measurable results for every dollar they spend. 

Len has earned multiple sales and marketing awards over the years.  Turning dream prospects into profit generating customers is a strength Len brings to the Thrive Team. 


Louise Motuzas

Louise Motuzas is the founding owner of Thrive Service Inc.   Louise is passionate in her desire to help other business owners THRIVE in their business and personal lives.

Louise worked for the CIBC in various lending and administrative positions before becoming the CFO of Bolen, a successful London based I.T. company for 17 years.  She played a leading part to help create a multi-million dollar computer company from the ground floor up.  

Louise excelled in sourcing the best suppliers, negotiating optimal credit from banks and suppliers, keeping accounts receivables in line and managing employees while keeping a strong focus on profitability.

Louise states “The Tech industry is about change, sometimes rapid change.  You need to be adaptable, flexible and welcome change.  Being part of the tech industry for many years, embracing change is part of our culture at Thrive. ” 

You may not know…

Our porfolio includes LegalShield products and we are proud to be included in the TechAlliance Member Rewards program.