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Company Overview

TLS is a company that believes in the power of efficient and effective business communications. We specialize in building custom service approaches and are experts in balancing brand experience with business expectations.

As such, our focus is on people not just processes. TLS maximizes human and technical resources to support and extend the productivity, profitability, and brand presence of your business. To customers we are the genuine face of the brands we serve.

Our deliverables are built on the foundation of proven best practices and our programs are built to maximize brand alignment.

Capable of fast and competent program start-ups, TLS acts as a catalyst for idea exchange by building direct links to client infrastructure. We pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of our clients and in our ability to deliver immediate results.


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Core products & services

Information Collection and Data Entry
We communicate a national brand image immediately and continue to immerse the client in it throughout the call. Information is collected, confirmed, and validated to ensure the accuracy of customer file

Complaint Resolution
TLS will collect pertinent information quickly and efficiently through patient and productive interaction. Issues are resolved or forwarded to the appropriate party in a timely manner.

Technical Support
We have a technical support team that can assist our clients with varying technological needs.

Virtual Receptionist
We focus on communications management so that you can focus on the core competencies of your business.

Directive Sales Based on Customer Needs Analysis
TLS will upsell products and increase the profitability of inbound requests.

Scheduling Service Appointments
We ensure that your calendar is organized and up-to-date so you can spend more time focusing on what you do best and less time on administrative details.

Customer Loyalty
TLS will follow up as a third party to collect objective feedback on provided services. We capture, analyze, and present these findings in a manner that will help our clients better understand their customers and improve service delivery from within their organization. Customer service is a valuable resource for any company, yet many lack functional ways of monitoring customer assessments. TLS designs and manages short term and ongoing customer feedback campaigns that improve relationships and build long lasting customer loyalty. The data that we collect is seamlessly integrated into our client’s infrastructure for future reference and actionable results.

Customer Loyalty & NPS® Expertise:

  • NetPromoter® Survey development
  • Custom market research programs
  • Survey design
  • Custom reporting
  • Web and phone based surveys

Lead Regeneration
We will maximize opportunities to generate business by pursuing leads that were left behind by the client business in their initial sales process. TLS reopens the lines of communication and rebuilds customer relationships. Just because a lead has gone “cold” doesn’t mean that it’s a dead end. We strongly believe that specific processes and communications can convert these potential customers into active prospects.

Estimate Follow-ups
We perform follow-up calls in order to help facilitate the purchase process. If the customer chooses to proceed, we put them in touch with the appropriate client contact. If the customer chooses not to proceed, we take this as an opportunity to collect valuable feedback for future programs.

Third Party Lead Source Management
TLS will provide you with the support you need to quickly and efficiently respond to third party leads. We monitor your lead generation networks in real-time and are capable of immediately reacting to relevant inquires. We become your company’s dedicated responder, providing immediate interaction with potential clients in order to secure their business and grow your clientele.

Previous Customer Calling
Calling former customers for future appointments enables your company to stay in contact with the customer and furthers an individual’s lifecycle with your brand. This helps foster customer loyalty and enhances brand awareness.