Company Overview

In the modern economy, it’s tough for a company to do it all. With organizations that specialize in everything from staffing, to infrastructure, to technology, to sales, to marketing, to you name it, it can be tough not only get started, but to keep up.

An extra set of fresh eyes and hands can play an important role in providing an unbiased opinion on opportunities to improve your organization, and either help to fix the problem or find partners to improve your revenues or reduce your costs.

Todd has substantial experience in strategic planning, managing public and private sector clients, government relations, and operational oversight of a professional organization that delivered millions of virtual customer interactions each year (including different organizational functions including financial planning and analysis, human resource management, quality assurance, project management, and product and service design, development and evaluation). He is deeply committed to collaborative teamwork and establishing win-win partnerships to build high quality, high value products and services for Canadian health consumers. He is driven by a passion to add value to healthcare systems and believes that digital transformation is the key to increasing access to care, improving patient outcomes, and delivering value to payors.

Core products & services

Helping organizations develop relationships targeted at building revenues or improving costs. This can be done through:

  • Performing market and competitive research to understand the current landscape
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers that may prevent an organization from reaching its full potential
  • Identifying, negotiating, and implementing partnerships that will help to improve the existing offering or business operations
  • Getting your message to the right place, by facilitating work with a network of professionals to support government relations, event planning, and strategic communications (media relations, public relations, marketing, and crisis communications)


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Key Personnel

Todd Aldrich

Todd is a seasoned executive. For more than a decade he oversaw the delivery of millions of virtual health experiences each year across Canada and managed a team of 400 managers, registered health professionals and support employees. As a strategic thinker Todd has a deep appreciation for the complexities and intricacies of the many facets of public and private health care services and uses these insights to establish and nurture win-win collaborations and partnerships. He has worked with multiple tiers of government (throughout 5 provinces and territories), emergency services, hospitals, public health organizations, not-for-profit groups, private sector providers of health services, and technology enablers to help shape program development and policy change.