Company Overview

Yuser is launching a next-level social networking app that rewards its users for their creative content.
Yuser will empower those who join to create content, build audiences, unlock features, and earn cryptocurrency. Yuser offers a sleek, yet familiar experience that includes extensive creative media features. Users will be able to post, like, and comment on images, videos, and collages, as well as chat with and follow others. As users create content and interact with the network they gain points to level up their status, unlock features, and earn rewards. They can then exchange rewards for Yuser Tokens that are then stored in a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Core products & services

Social media app that will be free on both iOS and Android platforms.


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Key Personnel

Thomas Cermak, CEO | CTO | Co-Founder

Thomas is a serial entrepreneur who has been building creative teams to tackle both digital and real world problems for over a decade. An advocate of the arts, he’s created web tools that help to foster local creative communities. He’s the founder of Thread Development, LondonFuse, PMF Ent., and now Yuser Inc. Over the years, he has developed community platforms, ecommerce solutions, content and social media tools for arts & cultural groups, video game, and music tech companies. He has organised countless community events, music festivals, and helped to found a homeless shelter. Having worked with countless influencers and creatives, he has grown acutely aware of the issues facing them and the opportunities which lie ahead for them. Thomas is particularly interested in the applications of blockchain technology to reward content creation online. His focus on UX design means that anything he creates has a distinct appeal.


Mitchell Brogan, Chief Strategy Officer| Co-Founder

Mitchell is a cutting edge strategist, ambitious entrepreneur, and altogether futurist. He’s been at the forefront of the adoption of various technology based services. His work with the Able Bionics Foundation has touched many people’s lives. Mitchell continues to work with exoskeleton based companies to empower people with mobility challenges. He does all this while helping Yuser achieve its vision. Mitchell has been interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain based solutions since their inception back in 2008. He’s heavily involved with cryptocurrency trading and ICO hunting. You might recognize him from his successful appearance on the hit TV show Dragons’ Den.



You may not know…

Not only will Yuser allow anyone to earn online, the network will also allow for brands and businesses to align with influencers or creatives on the platform using their pioneering concept of Smart Sponsorships. On other networks, creatives and influencers are forced to make ‘back-alley’ deals with brands or businesses. These deals are often difficult for either party to navigate. Smart Sponsorships are the solution to this problem. In essence, they are a smart contract that will let brands sponsor influencers or creatives of any size with ease. The Smart Sponsorship automatically tracks impressions and payment both securely and transparently. Yuser is the first social networking app built to support these growing relationships using blockchain technology.

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