TechAlliance’s Peer-2-Peer Groups are a members-only initiative designed to promote professional development, knowledge sharing, and relationship building amongst peers in similar functional roles. Groups are led by dedicated member champions and bring together participants from various member organizations, to share ideas and discuss industry challenges and practices in a confidential environment.

If you would like to join a Peer-2-Peer Group, please contact our Membership Team at 519.858.5059 or

women-p2p-01Women in Technology


Comprised of women working in technical roles this group promotes the professional development, continued education and mentoring skills of its participants. Monthly sessions address current industry issues and provide leadership development opportunities with the unique aim of enabling women to become engineers of change in our industry. Topics may include: trends in industry technology (ie. cloud computing, open source code), leadership development, as well as diversity and recruitment for STEM fields.

exec-p2p-01Executive Leadership


This group is focused to those in a Director or VP level position, with a mandate is to engage executives in a monthly session where ideas are shared and discussed in an honest and open forum. Topics covered include: product marketing, strategic planning, employee attraction and retention, marketing communications, innovation and many others.



The CEO P2P Group is comprised of entrepreneurial CEOs from companies who have been established for approximately 5-7 years. The group participants act as supports to one another, sharing advice and discussing strategic challenges.



The Marketing group brings together marketing professionals from a wide variety of businesses to share techniques and best practices and to discuss tactics for competing successfully in today’s marketplace.



In the finance arena, the rules are constantly changing, requiring today’s financial managers to explore the latest ideas and concepts, gain new perspectives on traditional business practices, and obtain hands-on experience with the most current tools to help their organizations gain an advantage. This P2P group discusses and shares best practices on matters related to a company’s bottom line.

hr-p2p-01Human Resources


The HR P2P group provides an opportunity to share best practices among individuals responsible for providing both strategic and tactical human resource management. Topics reflect issues associated with finding, retaining, and developing talent in a rapidly evolving marketplace.



The Sales P2P group brings together individuals responsible for sales strategy. The group shares techniques, insights and principles, and discusses trending techniques and best practices. Topics include qualifying leads, warm and cold calling, pitching, closing and current topics such as cloud practices.

Public Relations

The Public Relations P2P group is a way for local professionals to connect throughout the year to discuss the trials and triumphs of their PR and communications roles in local tech companies. Come to network, connect, and learn from one another. Topics will vary depending on group interests. These topics may include items such as media relations, reputation management, crisis communications and social media, events, and strategic plans.

Data Analytics

Many great business and thought leaders say that they learn most by helping others, so come one, come all for mutual gain and insights. Join us for exploration, learning, demonstration and fun. Whether you are a data analytics neophyte or a Data Science master, we’re looking forward to your presence at our Peer-to-Peer Data Analytics group!

Topics of discussion range from data analytics, data science, data mining, predictive analytics as well as goals, methods, applications and benefits of data analytics