Do you have a technology that is going to change the way business is done? Is your technology a creative solution to an existing problem or market inefficiency? Are you looking for recognition and industry awareness that will help you find your first sale or potential investor?  If so, then we invite you to submit an application for the Techcellence Award for Startup Innovation.


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. No more than $100,000 in revenue (as of December 31, 2018)
  2. Must be a technology-based company located within TechAlliance’s catchment area (the cities of London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, and Sarnia, and the counties of Huron, Elgin, Middlesex and Lambton)
  3. Incorporated or plans to incorporate in 2019 (must have registered the business name in Ontario)
  4. Must be developing a novel technology (not deploying an existing technology)
  5. Have a distinct competitive advantage in terms of cost, speed, performance, user experience, environmental benefit, etc.


Assessment Criteria:

Companies will be evaluated based on the creativity of their innovations and the potential impact in the marketplace. Submissions will be evaluated by business leaders outside of TechAlliance and evaluators will look for the following:

  • Does a similar technology exist? If so, how is your technology different?
  • What is the size of the market this technology will address? Is that market growing?
  • What is the potential impact of this technology in terms of:
    • Cost savings
    • Speed
    • Performance
    • Industry growth
    • Environmental benefit
  • Market traction metrics (ie. web traffic, sales pre-orders/customer attraction, letters of intent/support from industry, published research or media attention, etc.)
  • A preference to locate a corporate office in Southwestern Ontario (note that this does not discount companies with national or global ambitions)
  • A strong management team consisting of technical and business expertise

The deadline to submit an application and all supporting documents is Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

For more information or for questions about the application process please contact Sarah Edmundson at or 519.858.5146.

Previous Winners


Pulse InfoFrame
2012 Winner


Sunwash Technologies
2013 Winner


2014 Winner


FreePoint Technologies
2015 Winner


2016 Winner


Formi 3DP
2017 Winner


2018 Winner


2019 Winner