TechAlliance works with technology companies and entrepreneurs to help them create and grow successful businesses. As the Regional Innovation Centre (“RIC”), we have a responsibility to work with companies in London, Sarnia, Lambton County, Middlesex County, Elgin County, Oxford County, and Huron County. TechAlliance’s Venture Growth & Corporate Innovation consists of experienced advisors and entrepreneurs-in-residence, all of whom have years of experience working with technology companies from a broad range of sectors. TechAlliance is committed to working with our innovation economy partners throughout Southwestern Ontario in order to encourage organic growth and entrepreneurship in the region.

Our Services and Responsibilities

TechAlliance’s advisory services are provided at no charge to client companies. We provide clients with general guidance, feedback and mentoring, as well as connections to other appropriate resources, including: market intelligence research reports, the MaRS Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, professional development, and high-impact experiences. Additional services, including referrals to local service providers, public and private funding opportunities, and additional resources, are made at the sole discretion of TechAlliance.

As a client, you will be assigned a primary contact from our Venture Growth & Corporate Innovation team. Resources will be allocated at TechAlliance’s discretion. Companies that are seen to be making use of the resources that have been provided, and to those who are making progress in their development may receive additional support. Additional support will be subject to scheduling and availability of resources. There are no representations or guarantees of resources or support being made available to clients.

We provide feedback and support; you make the decisions and execute the work. TechAlliance assumes no responsibility or liability for business decisions that are made by you, based on the information, feedback and support it provides. TechAlliance will not write business documents or funding applications on your behalf, however it will provide suggestions and comments related to business documentation that you provide.

As a client, you will retain ownership of and responsibility for all appropriate protection for any intellectual property or trademarks created in the process of working with the business services team, including any intellectual property (“IP”) created in conjunction with any third party appointed by TechAlliance (such as a Technical Consultant), to assist in your endeavors. We will assume no equity position or other financial benefit as part of our ongoing relationship with your company while you are a client.

Client Confidentiality

Any information that you provide to TechAlliance that is not publicly available will be treated as confidential. We will make all reasonable efforts to keep the information confidential. The information will not be used except as reasonably required to provide our services, and will only be shared with partner organizations when their services can enhance or complement the suite of services offered by TechAlliance, and those parties shall be subject to comparable levels of confidentiality requirements as is TechAlliance.

Each member of our team works with many companies and we may provide services to companies that are similar to yours or ones that you consider to be competitors. We will not disclose any of your proprietary information to other clients. If you are concerned that anything you say might be considered public disclosure and damage your chances of receiving IP protection, you should consult with a qualified professional.

Client Responsibilities

As a client of TechAlliance you agree to the following:

  1. The client will adequately complete the client intake form, which will be used for government reporting and to match you with a primary contact at TechAlliance
  2. The client will provide updates on the company’s progress at each one-one meeting as well as in quarterly survey’s including milestones achieved, significant developments, and progress since the last update.
  3. If you choose not to utilize any TechAlliance services over a 6-month period, and fail to provide a progress update, we reserve the right to remove you from the active client list, which may hinder the future use of TechAlliance staff and resources.
  4. If you are pursuing a funding opportunity through TechAlliance (government OR private equity/angel), we request the right to review current financial statements, shareholders agreements, and pertinent business documents that will allow us to conduct due diligence,
  5. Government programs fund much of the work we provide at no cost to you. Therefore, in addition to regular survey updates, we may also ask you to provide current statistics or success stories with respect to your company at various times throughout the year.

These Terms of Use may be amended from time to time between TechAlliance and you as a client in connection with the services to be provided by TechAlliance to you as a client, are acknowledged by you as governing the relationship of you as a client of TechAlliance, and are agreed to be binding upon you and enforceable as supplementary provisions to all other agreements or documentation entered into between you and TechAlliance.