Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new technology or a fast-growing company looking for strategic direction, TechAlliance's Venture Growth & Corporate Innovation advisors can help you access the resources and expertise you need to succeed in the innovation economy.

Venture Growth & Corporate Innovation provides no-cost services to qualified startup companies and entrepreneurs, helping them move from idea to operating business. Our services include:

Startup Advice

One-on-one guidance on creating a competitive business model with clear value for your customers.

Growth & Scale-Up Advice

Access our expertise to find product and market fit, and create business strategies to accelerate growth.


Experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence help you make the right decisions for your business.

Entrepreneur's Toolkit

Access to a custom-built platform laying out milestones and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Market Intelligence

Better understand your customers and industry with customized market research provided by MaRS.

Service Provider Network

Get discounted legal, marketing, accounting and other services from qualified providers.

The Experts

Present your company to successful business leaders and learn from their insight and advice.


Connect with peers and community partners who can help you start and grow key relationships.

Access to Capital

Gain access to government funding programs, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Ready to start or grow your business?

Venture Growth & Corporate Innovation is here to help.

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